Step 1

Complete an Entity Information Sheet and based on information received, a quotation will be forwarded. On acceptance of the quote, a 50% deposit is payable and a Rating Pack will be sent. Indicate whether entity qualifies for Generic or QSE pack.

Step 2

The rated entity must complete and return the Rating pack, together with all relevant supporting documentation as well the signed Engagement Letter.

Step 3

BEE~Matrix will visit the entity to validate documents, interview company staff and owners/directors/partners.

Step 4

On completion of the verification, BEE~Matrix will communicate and discuss the scores achieved with the measured entity to ensure that all relevant information was utilised.

Step 5

On receipt of the balance of the fee, the certificate will be issued and forwarded to the measured entity.

Cost Structure

The cost of the rating will be based on the complexity of the entity’s structure.