Withdrawn and Re-Issued Certificates

During the process of verification and the subsequest issuing of a BEE Certificate, it often happens that the entity might implement changes within the organisation to enhance the BEE status of the company. Procedures allow us to re-verify such elements where changes were implemented and a new certificate is issued. On these certificates, the issue date will change, but the original expiry date will remain as per the original certificate. The validity period will therefor also be reduced to less than twelve months. Other instances that might result in the withdrawal of a certificate can include a mistake on the certificate, i.e. wrong address, wrong VAT numbers, etc.

A list of certificates re-issued can be viewed below:

Metro Projects

Atlas Copco Revision

Atlas Copco Original

Pilot Software

Supreme Spring

Smith Capital Equipment

North-West University

De Swardt Vogel Myambo Attorneys

CSM Consulting

Central University of Technology

Besamandla Electrical Engineering and Construction Company (Western Cape) (Pty) Ltd